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«Czech Hunter sc 267 || Hopelessly seduced!»

ChaosMen — Akira & West Serviced

Gay Video
Gay Video: ChaosMen — Akira & West Serviced
ChaosMen — Akira & West Serviced

Only for the first couple minutes did Akira seem to blanch at swapping oral with another guy. He couldn«t decide if he wanted to return oral, so I set this up so if the chance came up he could give it a try.

It surprised me that he got so nervous. He has had a couple experiences with another guy, but once faced with the task on video, he struggled to get hard. He looks pretty anxious to start with.

West decides to give him a hand, or rather a mouth, to help get him hard. That did the trick!

As soon as he was solid, Akira was great and gives amazing verbal to West, telling him what he likes, and thoroughly enjoying having his cock serviced.

We even get a little bit of cock sucking out of him. Even though he was not really wanting to suck back, I am glad that he pushed his limits for film.

If you watched his solo, you know he jerks-off really fast in order to cum. I didn»t think West could duplicate or sustain this motion long enough to make him nut, so we set it up for a traditional facial.

West lays down below Akira while stroking and edging his own cock. West ramps up to bust a load right into his mouth! I think West must bust at the exact same time.

Perfect timing!

Format: mp4
Duration: 18:47
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2929kbps
Audio: 107kbps

ChaosMen — Akira & West Serviced ChaosMen — Akira & West Serviced
ChaosMen — Akira & West Serviced ChaosMen — Akira & West Serviced

ChaosMen — Akira & West Serviced
File size: 418.5 MB

ChaosMen — Akira & West Serviced

ChaosMen — Akira & West Serviced
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ChaosMen — Akira & West Serviced Download

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«Czech Hunter sc 267

Hopelessly seduced!»

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