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CM — Franco & Vander RAW

Gay Video
Gay Video: CM — Franco & Vander RAW
CM — Franco & Vander RAW

Franco seems to be coming to terms that sex with dudes actually feels good. He has been sheepishly admitting to me that getting fucked feels really good. Despite often telling his partner to take it slow or having a hand down on his partner«s thigh so he doesn»t go in too deep, he seems to be in to it. Getting fucked makes him cum easy and he so he was ready to get ambitious. I setup a 3-way with him, another model, and Vander, but the third guy could not get off work. So it was just going to be Franco and Vander. Franco looked Vander up on the site, and then a string of worried emails flew my way. He saw how big Vander was and was super worried he couldn«t take it. I calmed him by telling him that Vander prefers to get fucked so most of the video would be him fucking Vander. Franco could just let Vander fuck him in one position. Pretty much what I had in mind for the 3-way anyway. So he was nervous, yet fascinated by Vander»s thick cock. When he got started, he tried to get it in his mouth right away. When they are 69ing, you can tell Franco is doing his best suck and stroke Vander«s massive wood. Franco fucks Vander first, and then it was time for him to take the biggest cock he has ever had. Ironically, I never hear that Vander is hurting guys. He IS thick, but kind of spongey, and I don»t know, some guys with thinner cocks are bone hard and I think that can be painful. We have seen Vander unleash his fucking skills in many videos, but you can tell he is taking it easy on poor little Franco. But, Franco is a champ, and now he knows there is no mountain too high for him! Franco also fucks Vander right up until he cums, another new skill for the new guy!

Format: mp4
Duration: 28:10
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 7175kbps
Audio: 107kbps

CM — Franco & Vander RAW CM — Franco & Vander RAW
CM — Franco & Vander RAW CM — Franco & Vander RAW

CM — Franco & Vander RAW
File size: 1.5 GB

CM — Franco & Vander RAW

CM — Franco & Vander RAW
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CM — Franco & Vander RAW Download

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«Black Monster Cock Inside Teen Ass-Hole

Blade Hunter and Jay Rome»

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