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Koi Ponds Builder

Gay Video
Gay Video: Koi Ponds Builder
Koi Ponds Builder
Studio: Beefcake Hunter

Worshiping Papa Kream was inevitable (of course, I didn’t have any problem with that, lol). Admiring him before placing his big cock in my tight ass worked magic for me, and yes, I do have a tight ass, believe it or not!.. lol.

I was anxious the evening of our shoot, waiting for him to finish his work day. He had promised me that he would perform very well, and that I shouldn’t worry about it, but… what about me? I knew that I wanted that dick pounding me, but I didn’t even know how to start. At that point I hadn’t planned on worshipping him, as you should know, I usually don’t plan scenes, I just go with the moment “au natural”, but Papa Kream is so porn material that he deserved a script. Then, on top of everything, Surprise! He arrived with his beautiful wife without telling me, I was like “Oh Gosh! Now she wants to be in the scene or no Papa Kream for dinner?” So many things crossed my mind, but I was wrong. She is the sweetest thing, a very nice girl, and she came to give her blessing for the scene, amazing! I think I might include her in a future scene with her husband, if they are still up for it.

Well, after she left, of course I had so many questions for him, and that is how we start shooting. It seemed that the whole situation aroused Papa Kream, he got rock hard very quickly and that monster never went down! Hmm, it got so yummy that I could go for hours! So sweet that he left me grabbing his manly hands for a while. Then when he sat, he got in a position that was like: “I am here all yours for you to worship me.” Oh yeah, it was worshiping Papa Kream time.

Then I got on my fours and I slowly accommodated his cock in my hole and I let him make his way in pounding me in whatever way he pleases; slow, fast , hard, in circles, whatever he chose it was fine with me. Just knowing that this married sexy Beefcake was drilling me down was enough, of course I won’t lie that at some points it deliciously hurt me, but he was in control, and he even controlled his timing to cum, “are you ready?” he asked me. I guess he meant if I was ready to feel the full cup of warm Papa Kream being poured in my butt, yes I was ready. Beefcake Papa Kream is really porn material, so handsome, sexy, and ready to go. Worshiping Papa Kream was amazing as it was to be pounded by him. I hope you guys enjoy this video, and I hope there is more with him.

Format: mp4
Duration: 19:44
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 2446kbps
Audio: 156kbps

Koi Ponds Builder Koi Ponds Builder
Koi Ponds Builder Koi Ponds Builder

Koi Ponds Builder
File size: 377.0 MB

Koi Ponds Builder

Koi Ponds Builder
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Koi Ponds Builder Download

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“downloaded all files but couldnt make it into a vid, waste of time.”

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