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Three Is Company

Lesbi: Three Is Company
Three Is Company
Cast: Gia Paige, Sydney Cole, Uma Jolie
Genres: Shaved Pussy, Brunette, Blonde, Lesbian, Petite, Girl-Girl-Girl, Orgasm, Pussy Licking
Video language: English

Standing together in bras and thongs, Gia Paige and Sydney Cole pretty themselves up for an afternoon of passion. They can«t help but tease one another with their makeup brushes, and soon those light touches result in Sydney»s bra being pulled down so that Gia can tease her lover«s nipples. That»s how Uma Jolie finds her girlfriends, and she«s instantly happy to join in on the fun!
Leading Uma to the bed, Sydney and Gia climb on top of the comforter and watch as Uma drops her shirt to the ground and joins them. Uma urges both girls to prop their legs up as she drops to her belly in front of them. Pulling both Sydney»s and Gia«s panties to the side, Uma puts her magic fingers and talented tongue to work sampling each creamy delicacy and rubbing both clits.

After a small break in which the girls shed some of their clothes, Gia and Sydney turn both of their lusty attention to Uma. Once Uma has spread her slender thighs, nothing will keep her lovers from devoting themselves to her pleasure! Sydney gets the first taste, but Gia is soon able to join in on the fun. Uma loves to be double teamed by two delectable girlfriends, as evidenced by the pumping of her hips and the soft moans that escape her lips.

Now that every one of them has had a taste of pussy pleasure, they rearrange into a position that»s more interesting for all of them. Each of them gets up on her hands and knees to form a line with Sydney in the middle so that her face is buried in Uma«s snatch. Gia takes up the rear, eating Sydney»s greedy puss out and rubbing her hands all over her lover«s juicy folds. The next thing Sydney knows, Gia has pressed two fingers deep into her fuck hole and is going to town fucking her hard and fast!
Switching things up yet again, Uma lays down on the bed with Gia at her head and Sydney maintaining her place between Uma»s thighs. While Sydney resumes her pussy feast, Gia and Uma tease and suckle one another«s nipples. From there, Uma pulls Gia forward until the brunette»s landing strip snatch is positioned perfectly over her mouth. All Uma has to do is wrap her arms around Gia's thighs and hold on as she takes her girlfriend for a face sitting ride.

Laying down on the bed, the girls form a triangle of love as each of them turns onto her side and lifts one leg high in the air. That allows each of them to focus on the twat in front of her while still having total satisfaction. Using their fingers and mouths equally, they flick their wrists and tongues hard and fast to bring each other off in an orgasm-fest that is mutually incredible for all of them!
That triangle of love is just what each of the girls needs to be fully satisfied by their lovemaking. As they gradually come down from their orgasmic highs, they cuddle together and share long, lingering kisses.

Format: mp4
Duration: 25:06
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 9690kbps
Audio: 101kbps

Three Is Company Three Is Company
Three Is Company Three Is Company

Three Is Company
File size: 1.8 GB

Three Is Company

Three Is Company
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Three Is Company Download

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