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Gaelle, Malou... et Virginie

Retro: Gaelle, Malou... et Virginie
Gaelle, Malou... et Virginie
Release Year: 1977
Cast: Actresses: Carine François, Catherine Laffin, Chantal Ladesou, Christine Mezza, Evelyne Pomorska, France Quénie, Gilda Arancio, Gisèle Petiot, Judith Novak, Marie-Christine Carliez, Marie-Hélène Georgieva, Males: Yves Collignon, Cyril Val, Pierre Aurly, Mi
Genres: Classic, Feature
Video language: French

Tim (Collignon), a young sportsman, goes to visit his woman and his two , Gaelle and Malou, in their villa on the countryside for the summer holidays. He is fascinated by Virginie, a nymphomaniac who stays with some friends nearby, but is repulsed because she is having sex with every man in sight (for instance, she has an anal scene with Cyril Val whilst she sucks two other dicks). Tim has affairs with the girl at the local shop (Quénie), a friend (Arancio), a neighbouring lonely girl. The try to seduce him, but he is not interested in them. At a bal masquée, he meets a tranvestite, leaves. Masked, he goes to Virginie at knife-point (only for fun!).

Nice underwater photography, good cinematography but bad editing; sex in a very small car (Fiat 500).

Since some scenes are not worked out, I guess there exists a soft version of this one.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:21:33
Video: 640x480, DivX 4, 1171kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Gaelle, Malou... et Virginie Gaelle, Malou... et Virginie
Gaelle, Malou... et Virginie Gaelle, Malou... et Virginie

Gaelle, Malou... et Virginie
File size: 781.9 MB

Gaelle, Malou... et Virginie

Gaelle, Malou... et Virginie
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Gaelle, Malou... et Virginie Download

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