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A House Is Not A Home (1971)

Retro: A House Is Not A Home (1971)
A House Is Not A Home (1971)
Cast: Andy Bellamy, Lagusa Bendova, Henry Ferris, Butch Griswald, Eve Orlon, Starlyn Simone, Nora Wieternik

Film opens with whores present as young Tom inherits the whorehouse form his dying ancestor. Silly sex antics follow.

First customer arrives and chooses Andy Bellamy -cueing a blow job, «69». etc., scored to some tasty (and varied) small group jazz. A neighbor with binoculars is watching them: Alan the voyeur; and he is visited by a whore and has sex with her at home.

Back at the brothel new owner Tom is humped by whore Nora Wieternik. After a young customer gets his, we«re treated to the great Eve Orlon and Starlyn Simone in a lesbian scene, sporting extremely thick beavers at this point in their careers. Cute Lagusta Bendova (yes, that»s her stage name) services Tom, swallowing his money shot, but it is cryptic why she is wearing a novelty shop fake nose disguise.

Narration keeps trying to inject Alan into the film as an important character but fails. A client (the unnamed star of boy/friend) arrives asking for Orlon, bringing her a present. He gets to have anal sex with Eve, but it«s shot so that the viewer can»t see it.

Bendova gets the next customer and Nora Wieternik joins in for a threesome: Bendova shows those dreaded dirty feet (though I learned recently in a fetish video coming attraction that dirty feet are in fact a specific fetish for some folks out there -who knew?).

This sloppy film with much attempted comedy doesn't add up to anything but its lineup of five attractive actresses makes up for the many shortcomings.

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A House Is Not A Home (1971) A House Is Not A Home (1971)
A House Is Not A Home (1971) A House Is Not A Home (1971)

A House Is Not A Home (1971)
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A House Is Not A Home (1971)

A House Is Not A Home (1971)
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A House Is Not A Home (1971) Download

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