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Inside Olinka (1985)

Retro: Inside Olinka (1985)
Inside Olinka (1985)

Olinka is a model and singer, trading on her resemblance to Marilyn Monroe. There is a photo session (Eleonore Melzer seems to be in charge) with lots of girls (Britta Stine, Marianne Wäckerle, XNK0190), most of whom take part in various sexual activites after it. But Olinka's boyfriend arrives to collect her in his limo. He stops to pick up a hooker (Uschi Karnat) and Olinka to have a g/g session in the back of the limo. Then he and Olinka go to a nightclub and Olinka is persuaded to sing in the cabaret. Her boyfriend watches for a while but gets off with a brunette (XNK0192) sitting nearby and takes her into another room for sex. Olinka catches them at it, storms back into the cabaret, strips off her dress and walks out. She proceeds to get her own back by behaving promiscuously herself.

Next we see her in an outdoor photoshoot with a young brunette (Veronica Moser). They go on to have a threesome with the cameraman. Then we see Olinka in the shower and on a bed with a rather more buxom brunette (Britta Stine again — this g/g scene is not in the Italian release). Olinka then goes to a bar and is by a sotted and saved by the bar owner (Siggi Buchner) and his wife (XNK0195) with whom she has another threesome.

Finally she goes along to an orgy and joins in with the participants who include Uschi Karnat (wearing a mask part of the time) and the uncredited Patricia Pasquale, Kathrine Nuevo, and XNK0199 (at least).

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Inside Olinka (1985) Inside Olinka (1985)
Inside Olinka (1985) Inside Olinka (1985)

Inside Olinka (1985)
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Inside Olinka (1985)

Inside Olinka (1985)
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Inside Olinka (1985) Download

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