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The Treasure Box (1979)

Retro: The Treasure Box (1979)
The Treasure Box (1979)
Cast: Carmelo Petix, Cecil Johnson, Cris Cassidy as Chris Cassidy, Christine Chanoine as Claire Braun, Claude Pere, Ellen Earl, Eric Edwards, Gary Goodman, Ghislain Van Hove, Gilbert Servien, Heather Fields, Laurence Jarry as Helen Couteau, Henri Treadeau, Howar

A pornographic filmmaker dies, and his last will and testament is shown to his survivors in the form of a self-made film. In the film, he tells them that he is going to show them a porn «loop» (short film) that contains clues to the location of his fortune, and whoever solves the mystery and finds the hidden treasure will get his entire fortune. In this way, the lucky winner will avoid paying an inheritance tax. Besides his immediate survivors -- a twin boy, a friend, and a girl -- two inheritance tax agents are present at the will«s «viewing», and all of them join in the treasure hunt, the two agents hoping for a promotion if they find the loot. The twin boy and his wife join with the friend and his girlfriend, and the four of them act out scenes in the porn loop, hoping to discover the clues by mimicking the various sexual encounters. The girl is helped by an old friend of her man»s -- Inspector Cleausneau, a spoof on the French inspector from the Pink Panther films -- and the inspector«s young assistant, Dr. Topsy. Meanwhile, the two tax agents take turns staking out the girl»s house, while the other watches the film repeatedly, looking for clues. In the end, two of the parties think they've solved the mystery and race to find the fortune, but only one will win the prize.

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The Treasure Box (1979) The Treasure Box (1979)
The Treasure Box (1979) The Treasure Box (1979)

The Treasure Box (1979)
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The Treasure Box (1979)

The Treasure Box (1979)
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The Treasure Box (1979) Download

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