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«Model Session || Dreckig und Versaut — Extreme Mega-Schlampen»

Liz: «Momma»s Little Girl' (1973)

Retro: Liz: «Momma»s Little Girl' (1973)
Liz: «Momma»s Little Girl' (1973)

Liz is a showcase for the beauty & XXX talents of Lilly Foster, among my faves from the Golden Era. As such it is highly recommended to her fans.

This is filmed on the usual shoestring budget of quickie porn, but making up for it all is Lilly. For the uninitiated, she resembles Sarah Jessica Parker, only a prettier. She handles the hardcore material with enthusiasm, and this is one of the better examples of that much-maligned genre: the one-girl sex film (Penny King as the lesbian sure doesn«t count), in which a single actress performs all the sex. So the bottom line is LIZ is strictly for Lil fans and folks who just can»t get enough of that good ole American b&d.

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Liz: «Momma»s Little Girl' (1973) Liz: «Momma»s Little Girl' (1973)
Liz: «Momma»s Little Girl' (1973) Liz: «Momma»s Little Girl' (1973)

Liz: «Momma»s Little Girl' (1973)
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Liz: «Momma»s Little Girl' (1973)

Liz: «Momma»s Little Girl' (1973)
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Liz: «Momma»s Little Girl' (1973) Download

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«Model Session

Dreckig und Versaut — Extreme Mega-Schlampen»

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