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Love In Strange Places (1976)

Retro: Love In Strange Places (1976)
Love In Strange Places (1976)

When Nurse Blue gets a job at the Hospital for the Sexually insane, she knows she«ll have her work cut out for her, after all a ward full of orgasm addicts is enough to keep anyone»s hands full. But when she arrives at the hospital, the situation is crazier than she expected. The two directors of the hospital, Dr. Hook and Dr. Fraud, practice a rather unusual form of therapy wherein sex is the key for recovery. Soon, Nurse Blue discovers that the hospital is filled with hysterical patients who believe they«re doctors and nurses. As it turns out, Dr. Hook and Dr. Fraud aren»t doctors at all, but patients who overthrew the administration and took over the hospital. Freeing all the other inmates, they set out to practice their own form of sexual healing. In the face of her shocking discovery, Nurse Blue must find way to outwit the loonies. Can she escape with her sanity and virginity intact? Find out the hilarious answer for yourself in «Love in Strange Places»!

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Love In Strange Places (1976) Love In Strange Places (1976)
Love In Strange Places (1976) Love In Strange Places (1976)

Love In Strange Places (1976)
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Love In Strange Places (1976)

Love In Strange Places (1976)
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Love In Strange Places (1976) Download

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