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Blow-Off (1987)

Retro: Blow-Off (1987)
Blow-Off (1987)

Mr. Canoga hires Paula Wentworth to date and seduce politicians with private detective Nick King taping it. Paula moves on from Senator Duncan to Mr. Howard and his assistant Miss June and finally to Washington wife, Mrs. White
Blow Off! takes it«s noir seriously, and pays homage to the past, while winking a bit at the genre — a form of deconstruction one could say. The script has its share of classic noir-like lines — my favourite being, «He had a personality like a turkey stuffed with sexual indiscretions.» Plot is the old detective-paid-to- spy-on-woman-having-sex, with a twist something like in Chuck Vincent»s The Voyeur. Who said porn went bad after '85?

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Blow-Off (1987) Blow-Off (1987)
Blow-Off (1987) Blow-Off (1987)

Blow-Off (1987)
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Blow-Off (1987)

Blow-Off (1987)
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Blow-Off (1987) Download

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