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SL — You're Dumped

Unusual: SL — You're Dumped
SL — You're Dumped
Release Year: 2008
Studio: PovHumiliation
Cast: Shawna Leneé; You
Genres: Femdom/Female Domination, Cuckolding, Cockteasing, Tease and Denial
Video language: English

Shawna needs real men to turn her on, not little pussyslaves like you. «i«m gonna walk into the club and have every man turn his head... and i»m gonna tell everyone i just broke up with my pathetic boyfriend.. lol..». she asks if you«re jealous, and laughs at your pain. «i»m going to come back and show you how many phone numbers i«ve actually gotten... and i»m gonna call every single one of them right in front of your face!« she models her hot outfit »does this look slutty enough?« and laughs in your face because you«re a total wimp. »you«re just my slave, you»ll be nothing more. why? because you«re just a pathetic loser... i tell you to do something, you do it!» she knows you»re not a man, so she«s assigned you to laundry duty!.. «wash my gym clothes... you»re my slave, not my boyfriend... try not to cry too much. you«ve got lots of clothes to wash! » she teases you with her perfect tits «put this in your brain, and don»t lose it, cuz you«ll never see these ever again! mmmm... bet you wish you were a man now, don»t you?... i know what you«re gonna be doing tonight. ... too bad this body»s just a memory to you lol... what are you goin« to do, use your tears as lubricants so you can cry while i»m gone and jack off to the thought of me??!!, knowing you can«t have me anymore, and that other men are probably feeling up on me...all night long?... mmm they»re gonna be grinding up against me dancing, and you«re just goin» to be sitting here jacking off... lol!« she thinks you»re so pathetic, she comes up with another little task for you — licking her ass clean! »i want it nice and clean-smelling for when a decent guy sticks his finger or cock in it later«. her ass is right in front of your dazed face as you follow her orders and listen to her abuse.... »what are you waiting for?? get your fucking tongue in it!... idiot!...... do it!«. you slavishly lap away what other men will be pounding... »you«re nothing... you don»t even have a girlfriend anymore « as her final blow to your mind and ego, she has you stick your nose in the shoes she's wearing out (»you bought them for me, remember?... aren«t they hot?») while she finishes putting on make-up. «hey loser i can»t hear you sniffing... and get me some fucking money for my date! loser... lol!»

SL — You're Dumped SL — You're Dumped
SL — You're Dumped SL — You're Dumped

SL — You're Dumped
Total size: 220.6 MB in 2 files.

SL — You're Dumped
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SL — You're Dumped Download

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«Romi 18 years girls gyno exam (2016)

Luscious Lindsey — You Deserve to be My Toilet»

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